Unique Opportunity for Diversityjobs Members to Feature on the BBC

A unique opportunity for some of our clients to feature on BBC for the second series of Employable Me.

We’ve teamed up with Optomen Television for the making of the second series of the highly successful factual series ‘Employable Me’ for BBC. As you may know, the first series (watched by over 2 million viewers) explored the difficulties people with neuro diverse conditions, such as Autism and Tourette’s face when it comes to finding a job.  In Series two we are opening the opportunity up to individuals with physical disabilities and conditions. Plus, we are broadening our search to include people who are unemployed and people who are employed but feel they are not fulfilling their potential in their current role

At the heart of the series is the increasing recognition that these disabilities and conditions should not be seen as a barrier to meaningful employment. In fact, research has found that such conditions can confer talents and skills that benefit businesses hugely.

Image of Paul from Series 1

Paul, who has Tourette’s, on Employable Me. Photograph: BBC/Optomen TV

Optomen are working closely with leading recruitment experts as well as national charities to develop the project. They are also working with professionals who can offer support and guidance to employee and employer regarding the ongoing employment journey.  We are hoping that by bringing these elements together, we can produce a highly constructive series which helps people and businesses.

With this in mind, we are looking across our client base for employers who are open to the idea of giving opportunities to candidates (whether it be through mentoring, work shadowing, work placements, day trials, internships, or permanent opportunities). We are keen to show the range of opportunities out there.

Many of the businesses that participated last series received overwhelming positive feedback and press for their company’s involvements in the series and we would hope that a similar level of benefit would come from this series. The exposure is a genuine opportunity for DiversityJobs.co.uk members.

If you feel that your business is open to the idea of giving opportunities to these candidates in some capacity, please get in touch with ourselves or with Optomen directly through the contact information below to find out more about the project. We’d love to hear from you.

Some of the press from last years series:

“Moving telly that destigmatises disability – and made me laugh” – The Guardian

“Employable Me was inspirational TV”  –  The Telegraph


Optomen Contact:

Annabelle Draper 

(Producer- Employable Me)

Email: Annabelle.draper@optomen.com

020 3227 5887 

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