TfL – 100 years of Women in Transport

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TfL –  100 years of women in transport              

To provide London’s transport system we deliver across a range of both technical and non-technical business areas. We are proud to say we have a good gender mix at all levels across our business and we want to keep encouraging women to be interested in, and join, us.


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You can find out what it’s like to work in these areas and the different routes our people have taken into this sector, by clicking on each of the business areas below.

100 Years of Women in Transport Programme

When we launched the 100 Years of Women in Transport (YOWIT) programme, we had two goals:

  1. To develop our workforce and
  2. To inspire a new generation of women to build a career in transport

What we did

During the 12 months we profiled and worked with more than 100 women from across the industry.  For those women already in the sector, we designed a programme of

  • insight sessions
  • debates and panel discussions
  • workshops and
  • speed mentoring events

Outreach Work

As well as running a successful ‘Bring your daughter to work’ day, our brilliant YOWIT Schools Champions volunteered their time to visit careers fairs and schools as ambassadors for the industry.

We also launched a Great Schools Debate, in partnership with Bechtel.

Looking to the future

The programme resulted in a network of over 8,000 individuals, supported by more than 260 organisations. And we want to build on this success and YOWIT’s legacy with a range of new initiatives. Watch this space to see what else is happening.

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