T-Systems Inspires Women to Become a Modern Muse

With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 46,000 employees and external revenue of 73.1 billion euros (2016), T-Systems is one of the principal global ICT service providers, supplying integrated solutions for business customers.

As a partner of everywoman and Modern Muse, T-Systems demonstrate their commitment to celebrating, supporting and developing female talent. T-Systems are striving to be a business that is diverse, inclusive and socially aware and the Modern Muse Programme fulfils all three areas. T-Systems have a number of enormously talented women in technology who would love to share their experience and knowledge with the younger generation and Modern Muse is the perfect means for this.

The Modern Muse project was launched in 2010 by everywoman, with the aim of opening every young girl’s eyes to the scope of opportunity out there and introducing her to role models who would demonstrate that achieving success in the workplace was within reach of everyone, including her. Muses are successful women, from a range of backgrounds and provide a view of what it is like to work for the companies they work for. A ground-breaking online platform, Modern Muse educates girls and young women about the working world, helping them to explore their subject choices and opportunities. They can use the site to gain career inspiration, connections and advice from Muses and the companies they work for.

For International Women’s Day everywoman asked every woman in the world of work, from all walks of life, to share their story by uploading their profile onto the Modern Muse platform. The Modern Muse platform will provide students with an intimate view of the day to day responsibilities, career path and schooling of profiled Modern Muses. For corporate organisations, it provides the opportunity to profile those that are able to offer work experience and career opportunities to girls and young women and to parents and schools it will assist them in giving valuable career guidance on diverse opportunities across subjects, sectors and industries.

Jake Attfield, HR Director for T-Systems, said: “As an innovative technology company, T-Systems’ recognises the importance of being a diverse, inclusive and socially aware organisation. We have a number of extremely talented women who would love to share their experience and knowledge with the younger generation and what better way to this than through Modern Muse. We want to demonstrate the wide variety of routes our people have taken to get to where they are and the huge range of options available to girls looking at IT and technology as a future profession.

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