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Ricoh UK take care of their employees, and promote excellent teamwork throughout the company.

Deborah Nelson – Field Service Engineer


I have been employed by Ricoh UK as a field service engineer since June 2008 within the South London team. I joined Ricoh UK after being made redundant from another service provider and quickly realised that Ricoh is one of the biggest providers within the IT services and document solutions industry.Since joining Ricoh UK I have been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge into networking and solutions, through attending formal training programmes in order to help further my career within the company. Ricoh UK take care of their employees, and promote excellent teamwork throughout the company. I am always encouraged to voice any concerns that I may have and management do their best to overcome them.

I enjoy my job as a field service engineer within Ricoh UK and see myself continuing with the role in the company for the foreseeable future.

Marc Antona – Field Service Engineer

Once I had researched Ricoh UK and saw how strong they are within their market place it was a natural choice to apply for a role. I joined the company in July 2004 as an indirect telesales executive.

After joining the company I held a number of roles, before having the opportunity to attend the Ricoh Technical Training Academy to receive training to become a field service engineer. This was a three month training programme, two months of which was residential at the training centre. The standard of training I received was excellent and the support and guidance offered by the trainers was invaluable. Having graduated from the academy I am now performing the role of field service engineer, however the support and training is ongoing and I frequently attend training courses on new and improved products. None of this would have been possible had Ricoh not encouraged and supported me to pursue my career aspirations.

Ricoh offers an excellent support network – my field service manager is a constant and continuous source of support and guidance, and there is endless technical support available including regional support and a national helpdesk.

Elizabeth Hannon – Customer Support Advisor


I joined the national call centre at Ricoh UK in January 2005 after being made redundant from my previous employer. I had been told about the role through a friend already employed by Ricoh UK. On joining the company I was given a mentor who had been working for Ricoh for many years. She helped and encourage me to develop and become more confident within my role. I have continued to develop within the role taking on different responsibilities within the department over the last five years.

Working within the call centre I am able to interact with the customers, which is one of my strengths, in order to offer an exceptional service – something Ricoh prides itself on. The call centre is a very supportive environment to work in as the team of people in the department work very closely together. It is also a fun and enjoyable place to work, despite it being a busy and challenging area of the Ricoh business.

Ricoh UK is not only a supportive company towards its employees; it is also a socially responsible one. I like the way that Ricoh takes a responsible attitude to environmental issues, which is something I feel we should all become more involved with.


Kelly Horner – Customer Incident Manager

I joined Ricoh UK in January 2001, after being introduced to the company by a family member who had nothing but praise for the company. I secured a role within the call centre as a customer scheduling advisor, which at the time was developing into a new and exciting department with many opportunities.

Since joining the company I have progressed through the department from scheduler to team leader and most recently into my current position of customer incident manager. Ricoh UK have given me the opportunity to develop my skills by offering formal external training and in-house coaching within the business in order to improve my knowledge and help me progress my career. I am looking forward to continuing to support Ricoh UK in offering an exceptional service to our customer base and developing within my role of customer incident manager.

Karen Godfrey – Contract Billing Process Manager

karen-godfreyI have been employed by Ricoh UK since November 2001, and my current role is contract billing process manager. Ricoh is a company that encourages development and there are opportunities should people wish to progress and make Ricoh a company they want to work in for a long period of time. I joined Ricoh as a billing administrator and progressed to the role of billing administration team leader within 2 years. As the company has grown I have had the opportunity to grow my team and develop my role to that of contract billing process manager with a team of 60 people. As a team we have taken on many exciting opportunities.

Ricoh has developed my career, my confidence, my people skills and given me the opportunity to manage people, something I love. I would like to continue expanding my knowledge within Ricoh in order to further my career within the company, so that I might one day become another female member of the Board.

Lester Lee – Sales Executive


On leaving the Royal Air Force I was looking for a role where I could build and develop my skillset, so I decided to look for an organisation that offered a structured training programme. At the time Ricoh were recruiting Trainee Sales Executives, which was perfect as business to business sales was something I was very interested in.

I joined Ricoh in February 2004 as a trainee sales executive, and with the right support and training I have been able to fulfil my potential and progressed to an experienced and successful sales executive.

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Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2015, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,231 billion yen (approx. 18.5 billion USD).

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