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Responsible Heathrow is our commitment to supporting the UK and local economies whilst managing our impacts on communities and the environment.

Achieving our vision to give passengers the best airport service in the world relies on managing the airport responsibly. We’re working hard to maximise the economic benefits that Heathrow brings, whilst carefully managing our environmental responsibilities and being a good neighbour to our local communities.

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Our Responsible Heathrow 2020 ambition is to enhance the local, regional and national economic and social benefits of Heathrow in a sustainable way.

We will do this by:

  1. Supporting economic growth and investing in communities
  2. Reducing our environmental impacts
  3. Looking after passengers and our people

Our Commitments

  • Reducing environmental impacts


100% of aircraft are quieter by international standards (ICAO Chapter 4 or better) by 2020.

Local air pollution

At least 5% reduction in ground-basedNOx emissions from the airport (2008-9) by 2020.

Climate change

34% reduction in CO2 emissions from energy used in buildings (1990) by 2020.

Waste and water

70% of waste recycled by 2020.

  • Looking after passengers and our people


At least 10% annual reduction in employee and passenger injuries by 2020.

Passenger experience

80% of passengers rating their overall experience with Heathrow as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ by 2020.

Our people

75% of our employees say Heathrow is a great place to work by 2020.

To and from the airport

750,000 additional passengers per year using public transport to access the airport by 2020.

  • Supporting economic growth and investing in communities

National economic development

£500m increase in Heathrow’s annual contribution to the UK economy (GVA) to £6.9bn by 2020.

Local jobs and community investment

50% of employees at Heathrow from the local area by 2020.


We have a strong commitment to the communities around our airport and aim to address issues of prime local concern. Find out more here.

Charity partnership

We’ve joined forces with Oxfam to help transform lives worldwide. Our three-year partnership, which started in April 2013, will give us the chance to develop really exciting opportunities for our staff and passengers to help raise vital funds for Oxfam. Find out more here.

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Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd

Heathrow Airport  is a major international airport in west London, England.

Every day about 76,500 people come here to work. People of all ages and from all sorts of different backgrounds. All brought together by one common goal – to make every journey better for about 70 million passengers a year.

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