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Over 60,000 employees work for us worldwide. There are good reasons why so many people have chosen RWE as their employer: promising professional opportunities, challenging assignments, innovative fields of research for tomorrow’s world of energy, extraordinary opportunities to gain experience in the international environment of a large group of companies, an open and family-friendly corporate culture, top-notch training programmes… the list goes on!

Whether you’re still in secondary school, attending university, have just finished your degree or are already in the midst of your career, the world of RWE can offer you the best opportunities for success at every phase of your educational and professional life.

Life At RWE

Personnel Development

As an energy group, we offer challenging jobs for a wide variety of different qualifications and specialist skills. We require competent and committed employees to meet the future challenges in the energy industry and to take RWE forward with the energy to lead. We believe that it is important for RWE to have a profile as an attractive employer with school children, students, graduates and professionals – and that we continue to remain attractive as an employer for members of our workforce.

We have been training more apprentices than we actually require for many years. This involves us in shouldering our responsibility as an employer and offering young people a sound training, for example in industrial, technical or commercial vocations, with the aim of giving them good prospects in the employment market. The fact that we train more people than we actually need for our own requirements constitutes part of RWE’s social commitment.

Some benefits:

At RWE our people are our most important asset and are what sets us apart from the competition. Attracting and retaining the right people with the right skills and experience will enable us to deliver, both now and in the future. As a diverse organisation, we have an array of benefits for our people. Some are available to all, others depend on what job you do.

Cycle scheme
Our Cycle to Work scheme enables you to hire bikes and safety equipment from RWE npower, via our scheme partner, Cyclescheme. Bikes and equipment can be chosen from a nationwide network of shops across the UK.

Extra, our employee offers scheme, includes free discounts and exclusive offers from hundreds of high street shops, restaurants and online retailers.

Flexible working
As a modern, progressive organisation we always aim to offer flexible working where it is practical.

Personal accident assurance
If you’re involved in an accident, whether its work related or not, our personal accident assurance has you covered.

Should you suffer an accident and it results in a permanent disability or injury, you are insured for up to four times your annual gross salary at the time of the accident. This cover applies to any permanent injury sustained, regardless of it being work-related.

Your Hub
Your Hub is where members of the npower team, whether in the office, at home or on the move can access our recognition scheme, Applause, our employee discount site, Extra and the latest company news in one handy place, using just one log-in.

Corporate Responsibility

With power comes responsibility

As one of the major energy companies in the UK, we recognise that the successful energy company of the future has sustainability as its foundation.

We also take the wellbeing of our employees seriously, as it is their talent, energy and knowledge that enable us to compete successfully in today’s demanding business conditions. It’s not just our employees that make our business a success – from the communities in which we operate to Government departments and local liaison committees, all of our stakeholders have a role to play in our success.

Community investment

Putting something back

We take our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate seriously. Our community and education programmes aim to give something back to the communities we serve and to support our aspiration to be a trusted partner in the community. We know that our employees are proud to support these programmes and it is important in maintaining trust with all our stakeholders.

Our community involvement programme focuses on the three areas where we think we can make the biggest difference:-

  • improving health in communities
  • protecting the environment
  • enhancing education and improving understanding of energy and climate change

In each of these areas, many of our projects are run in partnership with other organisations, charities and community groups. These long-term partnerships give us more scope to impact the community in a positive and sustainable way, while benefiting the business by enhancing our reputation.

In 2012 we contributed more than £4.1 million to the community through charitable donations, community investment (including employee volunteering) and commercial activities.

We also support our employees in the work they do in the local community and recognise and reward the effort they put in through our volunteer award scheme, payroll giving and match-funding scheme.

Health, safety and wellbeing

Protecting our people, business partners, customers and the public from ill health or harm has the highest priority at RWE npower. In addition, we take every opportunity to promote wellbeing at work.


  • manage risks to help prevent accidents and injuries
  • create a culture which rewards safe behaviour
  • promote risk awareness
  • help employees who have been injured or are unwell to return to work
  • regularly investigate, monitor and report on health and safety and security
  • benchmark and audit our performance against best practice
  • encourage our people to take an active part in their own wellbeing.

We take every measure to protect everyone we work with – not only our employees, but also our contractors, visitors and the public. As our business changes – through the growth of our Energy Services business and the construction of new power stations, for example – we’ll keep reviewing our health and safety risks and policies to make sure they’re still relevant and fit for purpose.

More About Us

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies. Through our expertise in oil, gas and lignite production, in electricity generation from gas, coal, nuclear and renewables, and in energy trading as well as electricity and gas distribution and supply, we are active at all stages of the energy value chain. Around 66,000 employees supply over 16 million electricity customers and more than seven million gas customers with energy, both reliably and at fair prices. In fiscal 2013, we recorded approximately €54 billion in revenue.


We regard diversity as an opportunity to recruit the broadest possible range of skills and talents for our company. One focus of our diversity activities is the promotion of equal opportunities for women. In October 2011, we made a commitment to the German government to increase the percentage of women in management positions throughout the RWE Group to 22 % by 2018.

The Executive Mentoring Programme gives female managers the opportunity to engage in regular communication with their mentors, who support them in their role as experienced managers, and plan their careers on an individual basis.

Furthermore, RWE has joined forces with the “Association for Women on Supervisory Boards” (“FiDAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte”) to launch a promotion programme directed towards preparing women for Supervisory Boards in Group companies and external subsidiaries.

The ‘Communication for Female Leaders’ seminar was piloted at an event in 2010 and it has been offered several times a year since then. It is directed towards female managers and junior managers. This training is intended to enable the participants to learn about enhancing their communication skills.

As a matter of principle, RWE pays women the same salary as men in equivalent positions. The salary is calculated exclusively on the basis of qualification. The employee representatives ensure that equality is maintained in this area. The allocation to a particular pay-scale or salary group is linked to the job profile and is independent of gender. No information is available for a more nuanced assessment which also takes account of career development and promotion options.

Our Values

What makes all of this possible, is great people. Our values are the heartbeat of our business.

We build TRUST and create a company of which we can be proud, and that everyone can rely on, with certainty, day and night.

We deliver PERFORMANCE and benchmark our progress towards success in many ways, financially and non-financially, to ensure we operate to the highest standards and in a sustainable way.

We encourage each other to embrace our diversity, we act actively and think creatively – leading the way, never being satisfied with anything less than our best.

We believe that a PASSION for making a difference is the driving force behind our success, and we take pride in our enthusiasm and optimism for the future.

We give ourselves the freedom to have the courage of our convictions, inspiring everyone who works with us to reach their full potential.

Professional Training & Development

In all phases of your career, we analyse and develop your potential and promote development of your skills with individual programmes. In addition, there’s a multi-faceted training & development offering that keeps you right up to date, both in technical and interdisciplinary terms. And what we expect of our employees in terms of performance is described in concrete terms in our Group-wide RWE Model of Competence – or MoC. Precisely defined parameters for technical, social, management, change and entrepreneurial competence are set out there. Our Model of Competence also plays a role, of course, in assessing your personal performance potential in order to identify and enhance your particular strengths.

Our basic personal development instrument that will move you a key step forward on your career path is the Leadership Dialogue. It offers the opportunity, outside of the time pressure of the day-to-day business, to talk with your manager, and forms the basis for personal feedback or agreements on individual development measures.

Career & Family

A family-friendly personnel policy plays a key role for the appraisal of whether RWE is regarded as an attractive employer. We support our employees in improving their efforts to get the work-life balance right with flexible working hours and childcare facilities at various day-care nurseries.

+x What our people say To the top

To the top

Stephanie Esau
Project Manager, RWE Innogy

What makes it so exciting and attractive for you to work in renewables at RWE Innogy?

I very much like the idea of doing something that makes sense and which is sustainable. What’s so attractive about it is to see how the market changes, how it grows and how the issue of renewables is getting more and more important. I am very much attracted by the dynamics and vibrancy that are behind this topic: what will be the situation of renewables in 20 years’ time?

You’ll probably be somewhere else in 20 years, won’t you? How did you get to your current point in life?

I already worked for an RWE subsidiary in renewables during my time at university, as a student assistant. And before I even graduated, I was offered an employment contract. In February 2008, when the entire expertise of the RWE Group in renewables was consolidated in the form of RWE Innogy, I was one of the first members of this new company. I am a woman of the first hour. At first, I was responsible for French activities in renewables, then I applied for the position of Project Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions and that’s where I’ve been ever since. Since February 2010, I’ve been on a part-time international MBA course.

What exactly is the nature of your work as a Project Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions?

I’m actually a Project Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development. This means the management of acquisition projects, selling projects and companies and handling joint ventures and mergers throughout Europe. I handle the coordination of project teams conducting due diligences, I ensure communication with the management, the preparation and presentation of decision-making documents, negotiations with buyers and sellers and I generally function as an interface with external partners. My work also covers the identification of potential target projects/companies in coordination with Corporate Strategy and communicating and negotiating with co-investors. The requirements in this job are flexibility, mobility, coordination and the structuring of numerous different parallel processes. Another important point is an ability to work under pressure, as the project work is very intensive. You need to adjust to and deal with different types of people, so that you gain a lot of experience and new impressions. It’s important to have a generalist approach, while drawing out the essential points from everything, being able to add up all the individual factors to form a general picture and then to derive the required action, develop strategies, structure projects and transactions and conduct negotiations. Right now I am working on three international wind farm projects, two acquisitions and a sale.

International projects are getting more and more important at RWE. How does this affect your work?

I monitor projects throughout Europe, which also includes negotiations and communication, mostly in English. However, it also involves a lot of travelling and familiarising myself with cultural differences and customs. This requires flexibility. However, this high level of internationalism is very exciting, and it means gathering a lot of experience in an international environment.

You just mentioned flexibility. How flexible are you expected to be in terms of working hours and travelling?

150 per cent! Especially in Mergers & Acquisitions you need to be prepared to travel at any time. Project work and the pressure of time that goes with long, intensive working hours can be quite strenuous. However, there are also “normal” times occasionally. Flexibility is definitely essential, of course, especially adjusting continually to new tasks, depending on the special features of each project, also to new people and to all the travelling.

RWE offers its workforce personnel development activities. Which activities have you found particularly helpful?

The most outstanding highlight for me was being nominated for the MBA programme by the HR Department and the Managing Board. In all, Innogy has a highly efficient HR development system, e.g. an analysis of a person’s potential to evaluate a person’s strengths and learning needs in collaboration with their line manager, followed by the drafting of suitable development activities.

Do you ever think about the way things might go for you in the next few years and what aims you want to pursue?

At the moment my highest priority is to conclude my MBA programme. I would definitely want to stay within the company, accept new challenges and have a career here. It would be great if I could combine this with a family as well. RWE certainly provides the right conditions and circumstances for such a development.

Seeing that you’ve had enough time to gather impressions in the Group, how do you perceive RWE´s corporate culture?

As I see it, it is highly dynamic and continually developing. It is exciting, open and offers development opportunities.

What’s been your experience as a woman within the Group?

Equality is taken for granted here, everyone has the same opportunities. What matters is a person’s quality and it’s irrelevant whether you’re male or female.

Robert Riesebieter
International Graduate Programme, RWE

Why did I apply for IGP?

Since I have had my first lecture in thermodynamics I wanted to work in energy business. After several internships in energy industry, I realised that I do not only want to work on the technology. I also got interested in financial, strategic and management aspects of the energy business and a scholarship from RWE Power gave me the great opportunity to get first insights into that. When I was about to finish my studies I was looking for graduate programmes which offered me a broad view on the energy business and the RWE IGP offers exactly that. For me it has been the perfect programme to extend my technical view on energy to get an overall picture about the energy market.

What have I experienced during the programme?

Currently, I am doing my first project within the central staff of the lignite-fired power plants division. My task is to evaluate the commercial effects of a more market-oriented operation of our power plants. This project is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about energy economics, because I can build on my technical knowledge about power plants and combine it with financial aspects.

From my first day on, I was part of the team and the solutions I find are immediately used for the project. It is really exciting to work with different departments and teams and to see an immediate impact of the decisions we make during our meetings.

What was my high-light?

My personal high-light so far has been our first feedback days. We had the opportunity to present our current projects to our mentors, who are members of RWE’s top management, and to get a very valuable feedback from them. It is just great to see the attention we get from them and how they support us to find our way through this energy giant RWE.

What makes the IGP special?

The freedom of choice definitely makes the IGP a special programme. I can choose my next project as I want and I can use my mentors network to find contact persons. For example, I am planning to go to England for my next placement to learn about finance in the retail business. My mentor acted as a sparring partner when discussing about what is good to learn for an engineer. When I decided I want to go to England, he helped me to find the right contact person.

And what is my next step?

I am looking forward to my next project in the retail business at RWE npower. After my engineering studies and my first project in a power plant, I now want to see something completely different.

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