Who are we

Lendlease was founded in 1958 by Dutch immigrant and innovator Dick Dusseldorp, whose vision was to create a company that could successfully combine the disciplines of financing, development and investment. Lendlease is committed to embracing employee differences, including age, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical or mental disabilities, values, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation and identity, nationality, education, family responsibilities and military or veteran status and recognising the benefits that diversity brings to maximise corporate goals. Find out more about Lendlease here.

Career and Talent Development

We offer two programmes to nurture career and talent progressions, to make sure our people get opportunities to progress their career. These are Aspire and Inspire, find out more here.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Lendlease has a long and proud history of giving equal emphasis to environmental, social and economic outcomes to react to the complex global forces shaping the future, such as rapid urbanisation, climate change, inequality and resource stress. This means an emphasis on not only reducing the environmental footprint but also creating places which are more operationally efficient, focus on human health and wellness, and are designed and built to be more resilient. To find out more about our Corporate and Social Responsibility, please click here.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

We know that having a diverse workforce is best for business and best for our people; therefore we make sure that all of our workplaces have a diverse and inclusive culture. Read more here.

Early Careers

We want to recruit the best talent and bring the right people in at the very beginning of their careers. Find out about our Graduate and Undergraduate programmes, please click here.

Health and Wellbeing

Lendlease is a place that cares about each and every person, and makes sure that the workplace is safe and productive – your health and wellbeing is our priority. We are committed to the safety of our people, which includes both their physical safety as well as people’s health and wellbeing. This is why we operate a consistent standard through our Global Minimum Requirements (GRMs). To find out more, please click here.

Inclusion network

Diversity & Inclusion is a deliberate action. An active part of how we behave, day to day and it starts with our core value of respect. We bring together a diverse group, representing all functions and businesses to shape our future from every angle. Read more about our staff network groups here.

Lendlease Foundation

The Lendlease Foundation was set up in 1983 by Dick Dusseldorp and Stuart Hornery to nurture the wellbeing of employees and their families, and support employee’s involvement in charitable and community affairs. You can find out more here.

Our Partnerships

We are proud of the partnerships we have established and make sure we work closely with the organisations to stay up-to-date with latest developments. To find out about our partnerships, please click here.

Our People

We are committed to our people and work towards our businesses being an inclusive, caring environment. To hear about our people and their experiences, please click here.

Working for us – Benefits

Lendlease aims to create the best environment for our employees, this includes the creation of supportive networks, rewards systems and work flexibility. Learn more about working with us and the benefits we offer, here.

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