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Essex is a great place to live and work. The great diversity of the county gives rise to mixes of rural and urban economies. The opportunities are huge whether you’re pursuing a professional career, looking for a worthwhile local job, interested in flexible working, looking to return to work or just starting out.

Life at Essex County Council

We ensure that how we employ and manage staff respects diversity and removes barriers faced by individuals and minority groups. Starting from recruitment and all the way through employment, we will make adjustments to our practices wherever reasonable. As an employer, we seek to increase the diversity of our workforce, ensuring we recruit high-calibre individuals from a range of social backgrounds.

We monitor our workforce diversity annually to track our data, analyse it and carry out an Equal Pay Audit.

Everyone has an opportunity to identify where improvements can be made and help ensure that these are included in how we deliver services. Depending on your role, you may also have the chance to influence policy, processes and service planning. We expect everyone who works at ECC to ensure that they are treated with, and treat everyone else with dignity and respect.

  • Support networks

ECC support networks for employees as a forum of confidential supportive and discussion to promote, support, highlight upcoming issues, influence change and collate feedback on staff needs.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network Group
The group meets regularly, usually at County Hall and membership of the network is tiered to ensure that the confidentiality of individual members is respected.

Black and Minority Ethnic Employees Network
The group meets regularly and is open to all employees.

Disabled Employees’ Network Group
The group meets every two months. The council recognises the importance of this group and allows employees who are not located at a site near to where the meetings are taking place reasonable time off with pay to attend group meetings.

Christian Fellowship
The group meets weekly at County Hall. Meetings are informal and open to all. Employees with different faiths also have access to a space for practising their faith.

  • Workforce diversity

Essex County Council strives to create a positive working environment where employees from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential and provide excellent service to our customers. We are committed to removing barriers to employment and continue to attract and retain talented people from a wide range of backgrounds.

As part of this commitment we analyse our workforce composition, as well as listening to employees through surveys, panels and network groups. We also have an equality impact analysis programme for workforce matters.

More About Us

Diversity is about the individual, understanding that each of us is different and making sure we respect and celebrate those differences. Equality is about ensuring that different groups are not disadvantaged when accessing services, employment or participating in public life in Essex.

Diversity and equality issues impact everyone in Essex. We are committed to removing barriers that might restrict people and we are proactively working towards positive change.

Working for Essex aims to employ people from all sections of the community. Our partners belong to the national Two Ticks (positive about disabled people) scheme; this is because disabled people can find it more difficult to get work than non-disabled people. If you are disabled and meet the key job requirements, we will interview you. When you fill in the application form, you can say whether you want to apply on this basis.

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