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Empowering our people to be a force for good involves us creating an inclusive working environment. One where people can perform at their best and receive the skills and opportunities to achieve great things not only at work, but also in the communities which we serve. We are building the skills for the future and to do just that, we need a culture of inclusion where we can all fulfil our ambitions.

Life At EDF Energy

Diversity and inclusion

We’re dedicated to the people who work with us – celebrating their cultural diversities and capturing the value that their differences bring.

Introducing Campus

Campus is a catalyst for exciting new learning and development opportunities for people to build their future skills. And, thanks to Campus, we’ll be able to attract, retain and develop the kind of high-performing people that make our business a force for good, now and in the future.

You’ll get the support you need to develop a fulfilling career with us

We are investing in our employees’ futures & the future of our business in Campus.  Campus is an exciting concept which is based on an integrated network of learning, development and knowledge sharing that reaches every corner of EDF Energy.  Through a network of training centres, a state-of-the-art learning facility and an innovative online hub, Campus will allow us to share knowledge with our employees and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Key facts:

  • Flexible/agile working programme available in some of our business areas
  • Targeted development programmes help you shape your career
  • Our employees are encouraged to develop their personal interests by volunteering and contributing to internal and external company initiatives
  • Five employee networks providing a platform for employees to share their views, give feedback and make recommendations for improvement
  • EDF Energy supports various charity projects and environmental initiatives with a range of diverse organisations

More About Us

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, its largest producer of electricity and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. The company’s mission is to bring affordable, low-carbon energy solutions home to everyone.

EDF Energy was formed in 2003 following a series of acquisitions and mergers. It serves approximately 5.5 million domestic and business customers in the UK, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF, one of Europe’s largest energy groups.

EDF Energy is a major sponsor and the first sustainability partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

An employer to feel better about

EDF Energy is dedicated to building a low carbon energy future for customers. But as a company, we’re about more than just that. We’re about the people who work with us – celebrating their diversities and capturing the value that their differences bring. We believe that a culture of inclusion forms the basis of a truly sustainable business and is vital to shaping a strong and fresh-thinking organisation.

Recruiting from the widest possible pool of talent and assessing every potential employee against our four key behaviours – Integrity, Inclusion, Inspiration and Impact – we make sure that our workforce is a true reflection of our communities and customers. Their unique perspectives not only give us a better understanding of customers from all walks of life, but bring fresh ideas on nuclear safety too. And, ultimately, achieving Zero Harm is our number one priority.

Our vision

We want to bring affordable, low-carbon energy to everyone and to do that requires both sharp minds and smart ideas to help shape the UK’s energy future. With the development of a new nuclear power station on the horizon, our goal is to become the best and most trusted energy supplier for our customers, through a combination of trust, transparency and teamwork. Combining our ambitions will help us to do just that.

Employee networks

Our attitude towards diversity is reinforced by our various employee networks – Inspire: LGBT Supporters Network, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Network, Disability and Carers Network, Working Parents’ Network and the Women’s Network. These networks provide a platform for employees to share their views, tell us what we’re doing well and make recommendations for improvement. This creates a real sense of community and a workforce who feel that their opinions are valued.  It also helps us to address business challenges and get closer to our goal of becoming a truly inclusive employer; one that encourages inspiration, innovation and employee commitment to a better energy future.

+x What our people say To the top

To the top

Fiona Jackson
Head of Strategic Resourcing, Corporate HR

I set up the Women’s Network, I ran it to support all the women in our organisation, and that really ensures that they’ve got really satisfying careers and they’re getting the promotions and the careers that they want in our company.

Russell Grinham,
Environmental Strategy Manager, Sustainability and Environmental Leadership Team

To me, working at EDF Energy means having a great working experience. The best thing about my job is to help the company improve its environmental performance and to help protect the environment 

Robyn English
Team Manager, Welcome department

My name is Robyn English, I’m a Team Manager in the Welcome department within Customer Services. I started as an Advisor 7 years ago and I am proud to have worked my way up to a Team Manager and be responsible for 15 people. I have different areas within my team, different knowledge gaps so they help each other out and work together; if somebody doesn’t know the answer someone else will.  There is room to grow within EDF Energy because there are always opportunities, not just within customer services but within the wider business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from EDF Energy.

Janet Hogben
Chief People Officer,

What makes me feel good about working for EDF Energy is it’s a really people orientated business.  It has a very, very good balance between the commercial side of running a successful and sustainable business and recognising that that only happens because of the people there.

Shalika Gajasinghe
Enterprise Methods, Tools and Planning Lead in the Enterprise , IT Strategy, Architecture and Change team

Having that career path and knowing where I’m going, that close relationship with your team, and knowing that they care about your wellbeing is very important.  Feel better energy, to me, means working together as employees and as customers and really supporting and advocating what EDF Energy do as a company.  I look forward to coming into work to see people, and have that face-to-face time.

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