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East Midlands Trains is a long-distance UK train operator.

We serve passengers travelling to and from London, from South Yorkshire, through the East Midlands, visiting the East of England or the North.

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Our company aims

At East Midlands Trains we deliver over 470 train services every day – and aim to get them to their destination on time every time. We also aim to be a responsible business, working to seven main principles, which are to:

  • Operate a high-quality and efficient train service
  • Recognise that different customers have different needs
  • Encourage more travel by rail
  • Help to harness the development potential of the East Midlands region
  • Increase train services
  • Reduce journey times
  • Improve connections on regional, local routes

Our vision

Growing our business through great people, delivering great service, achieving great results. Our values as Investors in People, we make sure that our teams and employees know what to expect from their jobs and their opportunities for development. Employees know that we’ll treat people fairly and that we’ve got approved processes and plans in place to look after everything from sickness and health, to educational support for personal development.

Our values

We are one team

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We all know what we need to do to be great at our own jobs but sometimes we need to pitch in to help others.  Being One Team means that we see the bigger picture and support each other.  During special events and peak times of travel you will often find all sorts of teams working on the front line to ensure that we always delight our customers no matter what.

We keep people safe

East Midlands Our Values 2

Safety is top of our list. We are all committed to making sure everyone makes it home safely to feed the cat every day.


We do the right thing

East Midlands Our Values 3

We keep our promises, are mindful of our impact on our community and our environment. Treat each other and our customers right. It means being the best version of ourselves.


We embrace diversity

East Midlands Our Values 4

We listen to everyone – We have 2185 individuals in our team, we are all different and all bring loads of experiences, views and ideas. By embracing who we are we become a better business.


We delight our customers

East Midlands Our Values 5

We’ve given you lots of reading to do – why not watch one of our TV ads to see how we delight our customers every day.




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East Midlands Trains

We’re dedicated to operating a great train service. From our front-line people, such as customer service teams at stations, to behind the scenes and head office departments, such as Finance, we’re all part of a focused and committed business.

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