Earn as you learn with an apprenticeship at BT

As an apprentice you will earn a salary whilst working alongside and learning on the job from experienced BT colleagues. In doing so, you will work towards a nationally recognised professional qualification.

Furthermore, on completion of the apprenticeship, you will gain a permanent job with BT.

The scheme is open to anyone over 16, living in the UK and not in full-time education. BT’s apprenticeship scheme is fully funded by the company, so there is no cost to you.

What are the different levels of apprenticeship?

BT offer a range of apprenticeship levels dependent on your qualifications and the area of the business you chose to work in.

These levels are:

Advanced – You will work towards a Level 2 or 3 NVQ through work-based learning whilst also achieving functional skills, which are supported by a knowledge based qualification such as a BTEC.

Higher – You will work towards a Level 4 NVQ through work-based learning which is consolidated by the achievement of a foundation degree.

Full Degree – You will work towards our work-based learning degree qualification.

BT apprenticeships vary in length but typically range from between eighteen months and four years. They are based at the workplace but may require additional training taking place at a local college or specialist training organisation, which will be provided as part of the apprenticeship.

BT are offering apprenticeship positions in the following areas:

–        Customer Service Operations

–        Billing

–        Sales

–        Openreach Trainee Engineers

–        Engineering Services

–        Vehicle Technicians

–        HR

–        Business Management

–        Finance

–        Information Technology and Digital

–        Cyber Security

–        Supply Chain

To view all opportunities, please click here.

For more information about BT and why it is the right place for you to work, please click here.

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