DWF joins BQF to develop business excellence

To ensure they remain at the forefront of business efficiency, innovation, best practice and excellence across their industry, DWF is the first legal firm to join the British Quality Foundation (BQF).

BQF is a UK not-for-profit organisation which specialises in the use of business improvement approaches and tools such as the EFQM Excellence Model and Lean Six Sigma to improve their member’s business development. DWF’s membership with the organisation highlights their commitment to excellence and ability to move with the times in an industry which is undergoing significant changes at the moment.

The legal sector has seen a shift from more traditional methods as clients continue to look for more cost-effective and full-service solutions. Therefore, many firms are developing a more collaborative, consultancy style approach, which often demands a combination of services and tech-focused solutions. Pressure has, consequently, been applied for firms to diversify their existing business, review performance and focus on alternative service delivery models.

Tracey Johnson, Head of Business Excellence at DWF, explains: “Understanding the expectations of excellent organisations helps us to enhance our own service delivery, ensuring we have the right enablers in our business to encourage and support our people in providing innovation and service excellence for our clients.” 

“We joined BQF to network with like-minded organisations. Our objective is to be a benchmark of Excellence across the legal sector, and a key part of this is learning from other organisations with similar goals and gaining insight into what best practice looks like across different types of organisations and industries.” 

Who are BQF?

Some of the UK’s most successful companies are now members of BQF, including Marks and Spencer, Virgin Media, O2 and Oracle, with all 500 of their member deriving considerable value either through gaining access to compatriots in other industries, or through the accreditation that underpins progress towards sustained excellence.

With government and industry backing, BDF was founded in 1994 as a new, independent, not-for-profit body providing support to businesses of all sizes and sectors. It is now the UK’s largest corporate membership organisation dedicated to performance improvement, providing consulting support to help organisations deliver continuous improvement through one of the UK’s most comprehensive and best value executive education programmes.

The BQF Excellence Model, in partnership with leading organisations and business schools, provides a framework within which improvements can be tracked and assessed, measuring organisations and individuals against objectives set by EFQM and Lean Six Sigma models. 

Russell Longmuir, CEO and Director General of BQF, adds: “Now, more than ever, we are seeing UK businesses assess and evaluate the efficiency and sustainability of their business models. As the UK services industry stands on the verge of this transformative time, and many questions remain unanswered from the referendum result, companies are recognising the value that BQF will increasingly offer as we move towards clarifying the terms of an exit and re-establishing support and credibility of British industry.”

“For industry, there is an opportunity – and a need – to ensure that performance is optimised, long-term shareholder value is protected and opportunities for people are safeguarded.  We are better equipped to face these challenges in a collaborative, coordinated fashion, and the cross-sector discussion that we are building will enable us to address them head on collectively.”

Johnson continues: “At DWF our focus is on doing things differently, and as a growing firm with an increasingly international presence we are always looking at ways to improve client service. We’re proud to be the only law firm to currently hold the Commitment Marque of Excellence, and we are now looking to learn, grow and excel ready for the next phase of our development.”

*As recognised by the Financial Times 

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