Atkins Dispelling Myths Part 5: The Future for Noah

In the last instalment of Noah Kennell’s experience of getting a job at Atkins, he describes his first day and plans for the future.

From day one working at Atkins I felt entirely comfortable. Although there were days where my dysphoria was worse than others there was never a problem work didn’t support me with.

I learned to adapt and anticipate (I now know drinking anything between 1 and 3pm is unwise as that’s the time the toilet stalls are most used.)

I involved myself in our internal LGBT+ Network committee to offer support to people at work within the LGBT community. Being the only transgender person on the committee added an extra insight for a more inclusive network. I ensure the network isn’t just based around sexuality and I now have the confidence to add more gender inclusive information because Atkins provided me with a warm and caring environment. My role on the committee so far has included drafting the terms of reference, drafting the business case and helping to organise our launch event in London which was well attended by external partners & guest speakers including Atkins’ Chairman, Allan Cook.

Having this network to connect with other LGBT+ employees is particularly important for me as my parents were not supportive of my decision to medically transition. As you can imagine, having a space where I don’t have to worry about my name/pronouns has helped me cope with all of the changes, especially as I felt I wasn’t getting that support in other places.

My plans for the future?

I am making steps to be more involved in the apprenticeship engagement, delivery and strategy so I will be taking a year out from being an apprentice to gain more experience about being a “regular” employee. I hope to do an apprenticeship degree in either management, project management or quantity surveying in the future. Who knows? In the mean time I will keep contributing to the success of the LGBT+ Network, making my tea with milk in first and developing myself as an employee for a more diverse workplace.

I didn’t need to worry about my application, and I don’t need to worry about a promotion in the future. I just need to work hard.

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