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We know people are more likely to join ASOS if we offer an attractive salary and great benefits – and they’ll stay if they know they have a bright future and will play a part in our growth and share our success. Find out more about the benefits we offer below.

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In the last 12 months, we have introduced performance-related pay (PRP) at ASOS, whereby employee salary increases are linked to an assessment of individual performance. Assessment measures include achievement of personal objectives and how ASOSers embrace the ASOS Way, our core company values.


Our discretionary bonus is designed to help us reach stretching yet achievable targets which allow every ASOSer to benefit financially from our success. We also have a range of share plans to enable eligible employees at all levels of the company to share in our success, including:

  • Share Incentive Plan
  • Performance Share Plan
  • Save As You Earn.


We offer our staff a range of benefits designed to complement our values, culture and demographic. ASOS extras is our flexible benefits programme and, along with more traditional benefits such as life assurance and health insurance, we also offer iPads, cinema discounts, Spa Finder and Tastecards to name a few.

Savvy Savings

Employees can save money on their weekly shopping, gifts, days out and much more. Summer Fridays take place between June to end of August where we finish at 3pm on Fridays during the summer months, not to mention creative perks such as monthly social get-togethers for all employees on a Friday afternoon, sample sales, birthdays as an additional holiday and an industry-leading staff discount on ASOS product.

Reward Awareness Season

Our Reward Awareness Season helps our staff understand what we offer, what the rewards are worth to them and ultimately, how much we value our people.  97% of ASOSers were delighted with Reward Awareness Season, demonstrated by comments from the evaluation survey such as;

‘Reward season just reminded me that ASOS is an awesome place to work’.

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