ASOS: Top 5 free stress relief apps for work

Asos top 5 free stress relief applications for work 

It doesn’t matter how many succulents and spider plants you surround yourself with at work, if things (and by ‘things’ we mean the 10,000 emails you receive in a minute) are getting on top of you, your desk isn’t a place you’ll be gagging to be. Stress not! If it’s a refreshing brain declutter you’re after, here are five free apps that will promote blissed out ~feelings~ and pumped up productivity. Palms together people, and namaste…

Calm app

Calm. Does what it says on the tin. Prepare to chill with this multifaceted app which has soothing calming sounds to bat off outside stresses trying to harsh your mellow, meditation guides (either slip in your earphones or let the whole office benefit from some brain massage). If all that fails there are pretty nature scenes that you can look at to remind you what the outside world looks like when you haven’t taken lunch for the fourth day in a row.

Headspace app

Headspace. K, so Headspace is all about trendy mindfulness, which basically means reflecting on, and being aware of, everything around you to bring some inner ommmm factor to your daily grind. While sitting at your desk, plug in your headphones and no one will be any the wiser as you listen to a lovely calm-voiced chap talk you through simply thinking, breathing and reflecting. Ten minutes of your time is all it takes and you’ll feel so much more refreshed than if you took the time to make another brew.

Breathe2Relax app

Breathe2Relax. We can’t be the only ones who have to remind themselves to breathe when they’re really reaching boiling point? Meet diaphragmatic breathing. These are exercises which have been proven to help with mood stabilisation (for when your boss is sending yo-yo demands your way), anger control (for when your boss is sending yo-yo demands your way) and anxiety management (for when your boss is still sending yo-yo demands your way…). The best bit – no one will have a clue you’re doing them. Ommmm.

Recolour app

Recolor: coloring book for adults. This is a colouring book on your phone that offers a zen-like zone-out to your day. Why not battle electro-stress by taking a little recce to fill in the blank spaces and create something gorge on your lunch break rather then entering a black hole scroll on Instagram? Sounds like a plan.

Self Control to Focus Lite app

Self-Control. If all else fails, there are drastic measures. If, during work hours, you find it hard to switch off from your social life, and by that we mean your social medialife, then apps like Self-Control can switch off all those notifications and alerts for the amount of time you decide on. You’re in charge of your own attention span guys, so grab it with both hands.

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