ASOS – Our People

We pride ourselves on being a fair and supportive employer which means providing equal opportunities to all of our people.

Image of ASOS headquarters

Our employees are the heart of our business and the driving force behind our global success. Expecting our employees to be high performers, we look for people with skills that complement our vision – who will thrive in our fast-paced environment.

We offer opportunities that match both their professional and personal aspirations so we keep our talent.

Our Workforce

At January 2014 we employed a total of 1,541 people, a 16% increase on August 2013. This includes:

  • 1475 full-time
  • 66 part-time employees
  • Our ratio of women to men at ASOS is 1:4

Our Locations

Image of ASOS headquarters

Our UK employees are based at two sites: our HQ in Camden, north London and our Customer Care site in Hemel Hempstead.

We also have marketing teams based in France, Germany, the US and Australia as well as our newest operation based in China.

Our Opportunities

Supporting ASOS’ operations, we have 150 customer care positions in Belfast and over 1,000 workers in customer order fulfilment based in Barnsley warehouse.

Our Board

Reflecting our focus of diverse professionals, our Board is made up of three women and four men. You can meet some of those members here.

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